Lori and Marcus

A whole house transformation? Sign us up! When their landlord shared with Lori and Marcus that he was selling the house they had been renting for years, they jumped at the opportunity to purchase the home. Lori had a vision for how great the place could be and with the help of a purchase and renovation loan, completely changed their Penn Hills house to the home of her and Marcus’ dreams.

“Having lived in the house so long, I knew exactly how I wanted things,” Lori shared. “I love the kitchen and bathroom, and really all of it is my favorite, how everything works together.”

Lori and Marcus got brand new windows from Home Depot® and had contractors help them with the kitchen, bath, dining room, and living room renovations. “2B Construction and P&W Electrical and Mechanical Contracting were great partners on this project,” says Lori.

“We thought the loan was perfect because our renovation and mortgage are all rolled into one payment, it makes things much better,” Lori shared. “The process was a bit overwhelming at first and we ran into some delays that were out of our control, but Katie at PrimeLending was super helpful with all the changes.”

Even through some twists and turns throughout the process: delayed appliance orders, switching contractors, and paperwork with the deed, they don’t regret taking on such a large project.

Lori and Marcus’ advice to anyone looking into renovation is, “patience is the key and things may not go the way you plan it. You may have to change things and the main thing is to keep the picture in your eye and keep moving forward.”

Renovation is definitely a journey, but in the end, homeowners get the house that they have always imagined.

“I learned so much along the way and we love our home so much. I’m even able to share everything I learned with my niece and can give her advice about how to buy a house now.”

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