Pittsburgh, PA | Lawrenceville

Jeff Philibin—our branch manager—bought the former Ed’s Grocery Store on 37th Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA. The store had been vacant since 1983, when Jeff was in high school! Jeff and his amazing team used the FHA 203k loan to transform this gutted & dated 3-story building and the 3-story apartment building behind it into a beautiful new 4-unit apartment building that looks right at home in the neighborhood.

Episode #7: The Reveal!

The culmination of 392 days, two buildings, four units and a tremendous effort by countless people. ED’S Place is finally done and the results are gorgeous!

Episode #6: Almost Done!

There are so many good things happening right now at ED’s Place: we have walls, windows, trim, tile, bathrooms, and kitchens. Things are coming together beautifully, and I am seeing a VERY bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Episode #5: Plowing Through the Tough Parts!

Jeff talks about plowing through the tough parts, like zoning and permits and structural surprises. Things happen, and they can cause delays and maybe have you spending contingency. (Welcome to Reno!) Just keep working through and keep your eye on the prize!

Episode #4: Halfway There

Floors, plumbing, and HVAC, oh my! Four months into the renovation at Ed’s Place and the team has made major progress. Jeff, his contractor, and designer have come up with some creative solutions that include a vintage vanity, industrial oak floors, and innovative placement of electrical outlets. Take a peek at the current state in the latest walk through. Next up, walls!

Episode #3: Communication With Your Contractor

At Ed’s Place, framing is done and we’re 75% down with the rough-ins. This is a key time to check in with your contractor to make sure the project is in sync with your expectations. Let’s talk about the type of conversations you should be having and the importance of speaking with your partners early and often. 

Episode #2: Contingency

Demo is Done — and surprises are already starting! Check in on the next phase of renovation on Ed’s Place and hear Jeff talk about some unexpected hurdles that contingency funds helped to alleviate. There are always things that pop up once you open up walls or tear partitions down to make way for your vision. That is why contingency is built into renovation loans: you aren’t renovating “without a net.”

Episode #1: Demo Day

Jeff gets the keys and demo begins. The rear Bandera Street unit is completely gutted from top to bottom to the tune of 4 dumpsters over 3 weeks! Removing walls/old stairs/ceilings and giving the place a starting point for the renovations is the goal. Plans are made & finalized for the new floor plans for all the units.

We’ll be posting updates as the project goes on. Check back soon!

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