For some people, them most challenging part of a project is finding a good contractor.  This section is here to help you learn the basics about contractor selection, provide tips on managing this part of the process and provide a list of contractors who might be able to help you.

Contractors fall into a few basic categories.  Some can do it all, of course, but most have a sweet spot/range that fits best for them:

Basic:    One or a few easy items like a roof, furnace, electrical upgrade…relatively simple stuff.  These guys are great for quick/simple projects.

Remodeling: More complex projects where the project involves a combination of trades, such as new kitchens, bathrooms, or flooring—almost anything interior/exterior that is not structural.  Most contractors fall into this category at some level.

Major Renovation: Complex Projects with major renovations:  Structural work, complete gut & remodels, replacing major systems (plumbing/HVAC), Big Stuff.

Below is a list of contractors that past clients have used.   They have been validated, which means we’ve confirmed they are licensed and insured and meet some basic qualifications.  Keep in mind we do not recommend or approve contractors, we simply validate they are eligible.  So please do your own due-diligence and keep in mind that you are the person choosing your contractor.  This list is to help you get started. Feel free to use the contractor of your choice (so long as we can validate them).  And see our FAQ section for more information on contractor selection.

Mario Rivera Renovations
Contact: Mario Rivera
7413 Schoyer Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15218

John Hancock Contracting
Contact: John Hancock
33 Colby Terrace
Pittsburgh, PA  15214

RBS Management, LLC
Contact: Sharone Cohen
927 Hebertson Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15206

Contact: Chris Leone
885 N. Hubbard Road
Lowellville, OH 44436 (Chris actually lives in Swissvale, PA, so he’s local!)

Buddy D’s Home Remodeling, LLC
Contact: Matthew DiBernardo
1227 Country Club Road
Monongahela, PA  15063

Integrity Contracting
Contact: Maurice Trent
810 Fisher Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15210

Wonnacott Enterprises, LLC
Contact: Jason Wonnacott
110 McMahon Drive
Manor, PA

Greece Contracting, LLC
Contact: Richard Greece
918 Howell Street
Vandergrift, PA 15690

Berna Construction, LLC
Contact: Tom Berna

The builders and contractors on this list have been validated in the past, meaning they are licensed (if required) and have insurance, but are subject to revalidation if selected by a borrower. Prime Lending does not approve or recommend the use of any builders or contractors, whether they are listed here or not.