The most challenging part of a project can often be finding a good contractor.  This section will help you learn the basics about contractor selection, provide tips on managing this part of the process and share a short video we made to help you get started.

Contractors fall into a few basic categories.  Some can do it all, of course, but most have a sweet spot/range that fits best for them:

Basic:    One or a few easy items like a roof, furnace, electrical upgrade…relatively simple stuff.  These contractors are great for quick/simple projects and can be generalists, or specific to the task at hand.

Remodeling: More complex projects where the project involves a combination of trades, such as new kitchens, bathrooms, or flooring—almost anything interior/exterior that is not structural.  Most contractors fall into this category at some level.

Major Renovation: Complex Projects with major renovations:  Structural work, complete gut & remodels, replacing major systems (plumbing/HVAC), Big Stuff.  If you’re doing something big, make sure your contractor has a serious team, relevant experience and at least a few great and recent references.

No contractor is perfect and no customer is perfect.  We’re all human.  It’s about balancing and making sure you can work well together, stay as close to budget as possible, and get a great result!  Check out this video for Three Keys for a Successful Renovation Project.