About Us

TeamReno Pittsburgh is team of Top Gun renovation loan experts led by Jeff Philibin.  The Team includes Katie Grauer, Joe Verner and Anna Pyle.

Jeff Philibin (Branch Manager, NMLS #408773) is a highly-experienced Loan Officer with over 30 year’s experience.  He loves his role because it combines his passion for a great customer experience, adventure and of course, renovation lending. He works in Pittsburgh/Western PA from the team’s Lawrenceville headquarters. He’s done thousands of loans in his career and helped hundreds of borrowers purchase & renovate their dream home. Jeff loves the excitement of helping clients take a property with potential and make it their dream home.  He thinks he has the best job ever!

Katie Grauer (Associate Loan Originator, NMLS 2009610) is a great guide!  She started as a client (seriously!) She had so much fun doing her own Purchase & Renovation project, she’s joined us and now guides others through the the process in a way that only a fellow Renovator can.  She  understands you because she was you!  She knows the process inside & out and can share all the tips & tricks you need to make your experience a great one.

Joe Verner (Associate Loan Originator, NMLS 1874704) is assistant to Jeff  & Katie in loan origination.  He’s a worksheet wizard and great at running various scenarios/options for clients.  He’s a very good guide when we’re helping clients make offers/obtain pre-approvals and submit their loan applications.  Joe is precision & performance.  If he was a car…he’d be a Ferrari!

Anna Pyle (Loan Officer Support) is our team Closer.  Once the loans are initially approved, Anna is your new best friend!  She’s the one who helps you keep your loan on track by managing the process, people, paper. She’s definitely the secret sauce on this team and the ideal person to get you to closing on time.  There is a reason we call her “The Wonderful Anna”!

We work together as a team and we have a great time doing it.  We work hard to make your experience a great one, from first call to working through the adventure, to getting the keys and doing the renovations.  We care about you, and we’d be honored to be your Loan Team!