Leave Room to Renovate

If you’re looking for a house, leave room to renovate!  You’ll never find the ‘perfect’ house because the house in your head does not exist. But it could.  You will need to create it.

So if you’re qualified for up to $250,000, for example, think about what work you’re willing to undertake:  Let’s say you’d do a Kitchen/Bath remodel on the right house in a range of $30k-$40k.  Why not look at homes $180,000-$190,000 and up?  Well under your price range, so there is room to renovate.  Plenty, in fact.   It’s really interesting when you start realizing you can do any combination of purchase/renovation so long as you keep in range:  $100k house with $150k in renovation?  $200k house with $50k in reno?  You see you can look anywhere under your budget to create what you’re looking for.

You have renovation superpowers.  Use them!