For the Love of Renovation

In 1997, I was a successful loan officer working for a community bank.  I left that comfortable position to work for a mortgage company that offered no salary.  (Looking back, with a wife & son and one on the way…that was a little crazy.)  But they offered this cool loan product called the FHA 203k that could help people purchase & renovate a home.  It was the siren song I could not resist.

I was eager.  Soon I helped a family refinance and renovate their family home.  The roof was failing (literally sagging so much it held water) and the inside needed everything: this home was beat!  The family needed a way to fix this house to make it safe, sound and financially affordable.  Many banks had turned them away because of the condition of the home.  But they had good jobs and credit – there had to be a way, right?  Then they called me – the new guy with the new loan.  And we found a way to win.  When we were done, the home was safe, sound and awesome.  The new roof was now a thing of beauty.  The inside of the home was completely remodeled, top to bottom.  It was now a place they could enjoy each other and live comfortably with a peace of mind they hadn’t known in years.  The look on their faces as we did the final inspection was amazing.  They were giddy!  And I was hooked.  I knew this is what I wanted to do with my career.  I was Home.

We have done some amazing work over the past 30 years, helping hundreds, maybe over a thousand people.  The impact we’ve had on the families we’ve served is incredibly rewarding and inspiring.  From minor repairs to major, TV-worthy projects, we’ve enjoyed every client, every remodel, every before and after.

Renovation doesn’t just transform houses.  It transforms people, families and neighborhoods.  It brings old houses to life,  revitalizes communities and puts contractors to work.  Most of all, it transforms relationships.  The space to raise families, cook a great meal or share time with people we love.  And we love making this happen.

As I start this weekly blog, we dedicate this space to sharing the adventure.  And an adventure it is: no two projects are alike.   We wouldn’t have it any other way.